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Go Green with Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd

Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd is passionate about GREENING our community. Did you know the life expectancy of trees in Canada is over 1,000 years in some areas? As Canadians, our shared tree heritage is important to us. However, in some instances removing a tree is an unfortunate, albeit necessary procedure. As nature-lovers and arborists, we decided to take action. Tree Canada is a local tree care organization that plants and maintains trees throughout rural and urban Canada. These trees are planted solely for their environmental benefits and never planted on commercial properties or for financial profit. One tree costs Tree Canada $4 to plant and maintain. Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd's has proudly supported Tree Canada by donating funds annually towards this cause.


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Proving that trees are truly an investment, properly managed trees can increase your home and property’s resale value up to 25%! Shade trees can also help cut cooling and energy expenses by half when planted in the right spots around homes and buildings. Sometimes we forget how dependent our health and happiness are dependent on trees. Trees help us to relax, relieve stress, and lower heart rates. They’re also essential to our survival. Your average adult tree produces enough oxygen to allow a family of four to breathe comfortably.

Behind Our Logo

Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd was founded in 2009 by local entrepreneurs and business partners, Julie and Wesley Jenkins. Paired with Canada’s green heritage and their own family tree, Julie created the logo. The roots of our company began with an ancestry of family in the forestry industry. The center of the tree trunk displays growth rings, also called dendrochronology. Before the advent of carbon-dating, dendrochronology, or “ring counting”, was the preferred scientific method of estimating a tree’s age. Currently, the world’s oldest tree resides in California’s Inyo National Forest. This bristlecone pine, known as “Methuselah” is over 4,600 years old, or, roughly the same time Stonehenge was being constructed! The tree in the logo is Wesley’s favorite, an Oak tree. Considered the king of the green realm, it is hardy and strong. According to Celtic symbolism, Oak trees are a cosmic storehouse of wisdom embodied within its towering strength. Wearing Oak leaves was a sign of special status among the Celts (as well as ancient Greeks and Romans).