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Tree Care Services in Halifax:
Cutting, Pruning, Tree & Stump Removal and More

As ISA-Certified and insured Arborists, Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd takes every precaution in ensuring each job is completed to the best of our professional abilities. We specialize in arborist climbing techniques and take on projects of all kinds including tree cutting and pruning, as well as tree and stump removal. We also do more demanding jobs around service lines, buildings, decks, vehicles, and pools. In the winter months we can even help you with snow removal from roofs, when a dangerous buildup can threaten to damage your home or create a safety problem. We are pleased to serve clients all around greater Halifax, including Dartmouth, Bedford, Fall River and Sackville.

24/7 Emergency Tree Removals

At Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd, we take pride in offering a selection of tree care services that bring real value to our residential and commercial clients. For the Halifax Regional Municipality and the surrounding areas, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency tree removals and related services.

All-Season Tree Care Services

The all-season tree care services of Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd include, but are not limited to:

• Tree Cutting & Pruning
• Tree Removal
• Stump Removal & Grinding
• Wood Chipping
• Technical Rigging (w/ Ropes)
• 24-hour Emergency Tree Removals
•Tree Work through Insurance Claim
• Hazardous Tree Assessments
• New Home Site Preparations
• Property Enhancement Planning
• Commercial Contract Climbing
• Tree Preservation

Saw-Milled Wood Products

The best way to recycle a tree—saw-milled wood products! We have a Logosol M8 portable sawmill service for hire. This is perfect for milling your logs in to boards that are sized perfectly for carpenters. And, it’s always nice to have a memento from a tree that once stood on your family’s property. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

Debris Cleanup

To keep rates flexible for our clients, we can provide a quote with, or without, cleanup costs. Some options include:

• Leave Debris on Site
• Brush Wood Chipped & Removed
• Logs Cut for Firewood
• Brush Wood Chipped & Left
• Logs Removed
• Logs Left on Site

Snow Removal off Roofs

Green Heritage Tree Services Ltd is now offering snow removal off roofs for residential and commercial properties within Halifax Regional Municipality. For costs, please keep in mind that we have to factor in travel time from and to Oakfield and set up time for ropes (the angle of your roof is a factor for set up), our rate includes two workers - Wesley Jenkins and one of our Ground Tree Worker. High angle work around residential and commercial properties is what we specialize in. Safety and security is our highest priority which we accomplish with ropes, harnesses and anchor points. We carry WCB and we are fully insured for snow removal operations. All credentials are carried onsite. A formal Certificate of Insurance is available upon request for commercial purposes. Quotes are free, please call 902-789-8733 or email us a picture of your roof to .

We accept payments (with harmonized sales tax) in the form of cheques, etransfer and cash.

Serving homeowners, contractors and businesses throughout the Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and the entire HRM area, Green Heritage invites you to call for a free quote on tree care services.