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Prunning Branches

We are very proud of our tree care services. We like to think that our professionalism and customer service is reflected in the many testimonials we receive from our clients. Thank you to everyone who took the time to put in a good word about Green Heritage Tree Service Ltd in Halifax! If you would like to share your experience, please drop us a line at any time!

Superbly Qualified

"I highly recommend Green Heritage Tree Services. Our home is on a treed lot in Bedford and that's one of the reasons were purchased it. But over the years and after some harsh winters, we needed to get some of our mature trees trimmed and at least one cut down. When Wesley came to our house to give us an estimate, we knew he was the person to do the job. He is superbly qualified and is truly concerned with doing what is best, not just for us, but for the trees as well.He showed up at our property and got to work leaving us satisfied of his preparation and professionalism.When he and his crew were finished, his work was exactly as expected and he left without a trace. Peace of mind, professionalism and competitive pricing.You cannot go wrong having Wesley and Julie take care of your tree trimming and cutting needs."

- Ron and Eleanor Kronstein, Residential property in Bedford, NS

They did a Great Job

“They arrived in the morning and worked away all day climbing, trimming, chipping and chopping and always asking our opinion as they went...making sure we got what we wanted. They did a great job.”

- Allison S., Residential property in Halifax, NS

Honest Estimates… an Easy Choice

“Wesley's experience and honest estimates make it an easy choice for my business.”

- Blair C. Smith, Owner of Blair Smith Property Watch

Polite, Punctual and Professional

“I would like to tell you that it has been a pleasure hiring you to clear the trees on my property. I can proudly say that the service you offered has been one of the best customer experiences I have had in years. You were polite, punctual and professional throughout the entire process. Everything about your services was fair and honest. You brought all needed paperwork for your insurance etc., but more than that your actions impressed me. The fact that you were concerned with safety while doing the job properly was important to me and it was important to you.

At no point were you pressured during the process, and you demonstrated your knowledge and let that speak to your work. Even when you came today, to ring the doorbell and let my wife know people were here to work on the property was very much appreciated (even though she knew you were coming by). It's the little courtesies like that that make a good customer experience an exceptional one. I wanted to let you know that I will be telling people about your company in the future if they are looking for the services you offer, and you will be my first phone call if I have more trees I cannot manage myself. Thank you for a great customer experience.”

- Ian K., Residential property in Beaver Bank, NS

Conscientious About Safety

“We cannot say enough about the very professional, fast and efficient work that Wesley did for us in our backyard. We are a senior couple and our backyard was overgrown with huge trees. Wesley had them down in such a short time. He is a professional, clean worker and a person who is very conscientious about safety, which was a huge relief just watching him move from limb to limb working fast but carefully. He cleaned up after and gave us an honest price, which means so much on a senior's fixed income. Hard to find a company with an excellent work ethic today, we are so pleased and we thank you!”

- Carol and Gerry W., Residential property in Dartmouth, NS

A Good Choice

"After Earl, our two 55 ft Norway Maples in the back sustained some heavy damage. We were also worried that the next strong wind might wreak more havoc...so we decided to have them pruned. We called four different places to get estimates. The prices ranged from fair to outrageous! Luckily, we have wonderful neighbors that helped us with the cost and we decided on a small company with two guys who had a number of years' experience; boy did we make a good choice.

They arrived in the morning and worked away all day climbing, trimming, chipping and chopping and always asking our opinion as they went...making sure we got what we wanted. There were no ladders involved at all! The owner of the company was a real monkey, climbing all over the two trees - even up to the tallest and out onto the smallest limbs! We were riveted! His partner waited at the bottom to guide down larger branches and dealt with the chipping and clean up. He even cut the larger branches that couldn't be chipped into logs that he then split for us for firewood! Now we just need to buy our backyard firepit we have been dreaming about! Although we can now see our neighbors in the back, we all get a lot more light into our backyards. Not to mention we all feel a little safer during those high windstorms now that the branches aren't as heavy! Thanks again Green Heritage!"

- Alli's Ocean Treasures Blog, Residential property in Halifax, NS